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Trugreen wants to ruin my credit history. I sent them 200 dollars on June 1, 2010.

I received a letter today, June 11, 2010, stating that my account is 90 days past due for $36.75 that I 'didnt pay'. . The letter was dated on June 7, 2010. They will send the account to collection agency if I don't respond in 5 days.

They have *** people hired in their accounting department in Plainfield, Illinois. Do the Math!!! and what calendar is Trugreen using?!?

They love to send your account to collections agency! They don't leave a message when they call!!!

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On June 2nd 2010 I called the 1-(800) number and talked to a sales rep about tree a shrub care for my property. I specifically told him the problem was Bagbugs. He said he pulled up Google Earth and quoted me a price. He described my lot, so it seemed like he was looking at the image. He told me someone would be out in 5-7 days. He then transferred me to a female who worked out the payment details. I told her I wanted to be home for at least the first visit to see what it involved and make sure there were no boundary problems with neighbors because there is an easement on the property. She told me someone would be at my house between 9-11 on Monday June 7th (It was a time she picked, not me, so I took a day off of work). On June 7th I called (Malvern PA) because no one arrived and I was told by “Dan” at the local branch that the 1(800) number has no authority to book the visit. He called “Bruce” on his Nextel which was audible to me and said, “I got a guy on the line who said the sales department booked his tree and shrub visit for today. Where are you”. The person who “Dan” was talking to said “I’m in Phoenixville today. He’s crazy they can’t book his times. I can’t do it”. Dan said they were not able to do it. I told them to review the "taped" line when I gave my credit card payment and they would see that I did not just make up my “Appointment day”. He told me that they were sorry and they would be out in a few days.

On June 14th I still had not heard from anyone so once again I called the local number and no one answered. I called the 1(800) number and they tracked down someone named "Jessica" from the local branch who said they would have their tree and shrub guy call me. I think his name was "Bruce". She said Bruce would call in a day or two. I provided her with my cell number.

On June 17th I still had not received a call or contact with anyone from Trugreen. I called the 1(800) number again and they transferred me to the local office (Malvern). I spoke to a guy named “Bob” who informed me that someone should have been out in a week to ten days. I told him it was now going on (15) days since I paid for the service. He apologized and said someone should be out by June 23. He said they were just starting their round (4) treatment which was Japanese Beetle protection. I said, “Great”, but I have bag bug problems. He said “Oh” and said he would talk to dispatch to see if someone could be out earlier than the 23rd of June. After talking to dispatch he said “Bruce” can service my property on 6-18-2010 between 8am-12pm. I asked for a better timeframe since I wanted to be home for the service. He said he couldn’t give me a more specific time. I asked him to send me an e-mail confirmation of the date and time. He said he did not have e-mail capabilities at his branch. I found that hard to believe and I re-asked the e-mail request. He said he didn’t have e-mail. I think it is more likely no one wants to put something in writing they have to later defend if they don’t show up.

It is frustrating that Trugreen was quick to hit my credit card and close the deal for payment, but I still have no service and it is going on 15 days. Not once have I ever received any confirmation from anyone what my service even is. I know it’s tree and shrub, but am skeptical. I don’t want someone from Trugreen to come to my house and give me a bunch of excuses about what is or isn’t covered in the “deal”. I have this image that they are going to spray three trees and say “that’s all you get” and then blame the 1(800) sales guy for not giving me the right details.

This process is crazy. On 6-17-2010

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