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New to Trugreen, first application was a spray. The guy was really nice but the spray ended up killing the bottom of the bushes infront of the house.

Second application...

The guy was terrible. I was in the backyard already and he asked if he was supposed to do the backyard... if I wasn’t there would he?... while he was on the phone with I assumed his girlfriend.

Then he sprayed some stuff Which he just threw around. I pointed out the vegetables plants that also had metal rods around, said can you not spray over here. A few hours later they were dead. Oh...

and next day my grass was dead. Also... since the applications my dog has had dry itchy skin with hair falling out... I was ensured by multiple customer service reps that trugreen was safe for animals, Children and they would know not to go near plants.

So thanks for killing everything in my yard trugreen...

Asked for money back, was told I was only going to get the remaining balance. Um no.... not paying for you to ruin my yard. Now its take 4 plus weeks for money back.

Awesome... plus have to look at my dead lawn.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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Idiot, you hired someone to spray poison on your yard. What did you think would happen ?

It kills things ; that you have seen for yourself. So you want your children and pets exposed not only to physical contact with this stuff or absorb it through breathing (or drinking if you have a well for your water). The helpless little animals are inundated by it causing sickness, weakness, and genetic malformations. I don't care what they "told" you - this stuff is no good for humans, pets, wildlife, or flora.

All to have just another yard full of grass to be maintained constantly ?

Yuck. Have fun with your dead things and get used to the sight of death and decay if you keep using chemicals.

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