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My first year with Trugreen satisfied due to the good field agent.There are good techs out there, but this is the luck of the draw. However Second year has been RIDCULOUS!

Lucky didn't sign a contract, after no one showed up after being reassured for over 4 weeks by manager area named DREW, demanded service in spring and found out from other sources they had no one for my area and so they send out a guy who stops at 7AM, waking everyone, since he needn't to do it on the way to his area. Poor guy, why couldn't the manager be honest and say we don't have a tech for you. Alright, still patient, need to seed bad, need new sod planted from last year to get fertilizer, keep calling only to have the most void of personality, manager Drew, tell me someone will be out. OK.

Now past the time for the preemergence second treatment due to heat, no -sorry for your inconvenience ever came out of that boys mouth.He needs to go to some "HOW TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE" seminar. I get happier and more affable people at the Walmart store than this guy.

Well, still no one, thought I should have to call and track people down every time the grass needs it's treatment, now I have a yard that is two different colors since the timing for the treatments is so off.No one calls you like they promise since I have two dogs I need to worry about, maybe this DREW is so tired of hearing complaints he just takes this blanked out attitude. I thought I was patient enough, calling every week, being nice to continue but just canceled yesterday since hubby was right and said if they want your business they should be calling you.

Called Scotts and they were out in a heartbeat, actually talked to me rather than scribble something on a slip of paper that I never could read. WHAT ever you do don't sign a contract, in the long run, if you get this treatment you want to walk away without losing money since I am sure they would hold up and take their good old time giving me anything back since DREW seems to like cricket land. I did want to mention that last year I guess when they had someone fill in near then end since I must have lost my originally tech then, I have security cameras, and watching back the tape see the guy spending more time trying to find a place to pee way in the back yard then he did fertilize. He didn't even get 1/3 of the property just ignoring it and getting back into the truck.

Thank goodness he left his coffee cup for me to throw away. Research your area guys before committing, and don't be as patient hoping they would change as I did.

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