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I'm very unhappy with Tru Green. My lawn looks worse than it has since we moved into the hours over 30 years ago. The weeds are the majority of what makes up my lawn. I also was foolish and got the insect and pest control. What a mistake. The guy sprayed around the periphery of the deck which forced the ants that were under the deck up and into the house. We are now fighting ants and will probably have to pay for an exterminator. As if... Read more

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  • Mar 19, 2015
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This company is ridiculous, the customer service is horrible and has now knowledge of the product used. They show up at our house without request for service and applied chemicals without any permission.

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They called asking if I was interested in their service at least 15 times in the past month and a half. In many cases using the pick up line "I'm in your area, just thought I'd swing by and get you taken care off". Sometimes even twice in the same night. Yet I told them every time NO, take me of your *** call list. Not to mention when I did use them 4 years ago they treated my neighbor's yard by accident instead of mine. Their a terrible... Read more

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I have not been satified with my lawn and have tried to reach out to the area manager. I have been told that he is no longer with my area and he provided another name but no contact. He then sent an email back which did not include the email of the new area manager, but had a tone which not professional. Please advise if this is the type of service I can expect. I would like to know how to enact the guarantee since I am not satified and the... Read more

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They use a computer based robo system weather permitting? Then they don't show up! Guess the weather was bad? Then second trip they show up is un- announced? Meaning no phone call! They couldn't treat the rear of the house do to the privacy gate was locked! Dughhhhhh you never called! Then you get a bill for the full amount even though half was treated! 10 times this has happened , I even had the manager come out to my residence! He blames it on... Read more

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Trugreen applied lawn treatment to my neighbors yard and carelessly ran a centrifugal spreader next to my driveway completely covering it with fertilizer pellets. I called Trugreen asking them to send the applicator back to clean up the mess using a leaf blower and they refused to take my address and hung up the phone. Places that were inadvertently walked on or driven over got crushed into the concrete cracks and could not be removed. Since... Read more

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I had Tru green service my property 3 times 2 summers ago. at the beginning of last summer, they showed up unannounced and uninvited and then sent me a bill for my trouble. Then sent the bill to collections when I refused to pay it. Tru green is a miserable organization that I would never do business with again. Their perpetual underhanded business practices give all landscape and lawn care service companies a bad name. Since last... Read more

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TrueGreen has evolved an unique way to screw their customers.They send me a bill of a service this year that I have not even requested. I have not signed any contract with True for any services for 2013. When I asked them, why I have received a bull for a service even though , I have never requested, they said that that they usually follow the same schedule if you have used them for the previous year. A glorious way to screw customers. I said... Read more

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The purpose of this four part essay is to clarify the problems which ail the TruGreen-ChemLawn company, why they are problems, and exactly what causes the situations in reference. The overall content of this essay will be broken down into four parts regarding issues in customer service, issues with employee payroll, issues with the sales force, and issues surrounding the high turnover of employees that the TruGreen-ChemLawn company experiences.... Read more

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I have tried for over 6 months to have the TruGreen Lewis Center, Ohio stop their services. I have called there corporate office and filed a complaint to stop calling our home and stop their services. There services are overpriced and do not perform. Our yard is not any better since they serviced it. They continue to call for service or offer new services. Each time it is a different person. They do not communicate with each other. They... Read more

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