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I witnessed a Tru Green employee, Dan Buck, drive a large aerating-type machine along my sidewalk. As the machine was too wide to fit, it was crushing the landscaping bricks, which were set on-pointe along the sidewalk.I spoke with the two other employees on site, who confirmed that they saw him breaking the bricks, and heard the popping sounds as they were breaking.Dan again past me and I called his attention to the damage, he apologized and said that he intended to speak to me about it, and was meeting with his boss, Allen, tomorrow and that one of them would be in touch with me soon. He took my address, phone number, and photos of the broken bricks, which we counted together. The total was 10. He said, “I will definitely fix them for you.”They were his last words to me.Not hearing from him, I called six times over the next month, was passed to several departments, and given several different numbers to call, always repeating the story and given the assurance that someone would definitely call me back.No one ever did until I threatened to report it to the BBB. Then the manager called within an hour to state that they have no responsibility for any damage and that an unidentified neighbor had said that Dan didn’t break any bricks.The neighbors for whom Tru Green was working deny exonerating the landscaper, as they were not even home at the time.I tried to file a formal complaint against them with the BBB, but they are unwilling to accept any complaints against those who have paid for a good rating.
I have contacted the company many of times and the owner of the property next door, each time you spray their lawn, my dogs fall ill. Your Lawn care (Supposivley safe for animals) Has caused my dogs to have renal failure, and now they are having seizures with vomiting an I have suffered two heart attacks since you started spraying. I have had enough!! this is going on the second year fighting with this company and I am going to contact every MP and Department of Agriculture and not giving up unit You STOP killing animals. I am getting the toxic report and going to CTV news and all I can ... go to this sight and read how many animals you have killed. I am not going to tolerate this another year!!!! I am going to petition the neighborhood and have this issue dealt with once and for all. I have gotten no where with your company, you won't hand over any info/MSDS sheets on your products. YOUR obviously trying to hide the information. The fight is just beginning.
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To get into direct contact with the President/CEO of TruGreen, here is the direct line to his office: 901-597-1964. This number is answered by his personal secretary at the TruGreen Corporate Headquarters in Memphis, TN. You can also email his office at The second way to get your issues resolved, is to post a comment on TruGreen's Facebook wall. While you are on the Trugreen Facebook page, be sure to click on "Photos" at the top of the page. VERY REVEALING!!! The final step is to also contact TruGreen's parent company, ServiceMaster at their 24-hour Ethics Hotline at 1-800-937-9888. You can also email them at I am posting all this contact information as an angry ex-Trugreen customer. First, I had poor service results. I had a lot of problems trying to call the local office. Then after cancelling, I had disputes with TruGreen over billing for extra services that they added on without my OK. And then being called DAILY and hounded by very aggressive (and sometimes rude) salesmen trying desparately to get me to reinstate with TruGreen. I followed all 3 steps outlined above to finally resolve the billing dispute, and to get TruGreen to stop contacting me for good. IT WORKED!!!!
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Just experienced the same thing. Paid full year in advance & asked for a refund due to their service rep not showing up. Local terminal manager actually laughed. Cancelled ser...


I have gone online submitted my cancell. I have wrote a letter for cancellation. I have talked to the TruGreen guy that Services my lawn. I have talked to the supervisor who d...

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TruGreen - Our Lawn Specialist Robert Meade was Very informative on his 1st visit for our 1st application..Ty sir...

Robert Meade was Very informative about our lawn when talking to my husband about our 1st lawn application...He told my husband about what to do & how long to wait before mowing..Ty Robert Meade..
I liked
  • Robert meade was informative
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TruGreen - Failure to control weeds

i have had tru green since 2012 when my lawn was installed. ever year weeds are not properly controlled resulting in numerous call backs. Your company has been incompetent with respect to weed control. Now I cant get a local manager to show up to review my weed problem and a control method.
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TruGreen - My lawn has never looked so bad. I am sorry I started with the. Promises are not getting the job done

Contracted them because of a serious weed problem. Three times company came. Now I have half a lawn with no grass. terrible
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For years I've had lawncare contract, but a few years ago, the company was bought by Trugreen (trubrown). During the spring of last year, their first treatment of my lawn turned it brown with empty spots. I called the company repeatedly and each time I was told that...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
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TruGreen - Agree with all the complaints against aggressive boorish sales reps

Banging loudly again and again on entrance door when a door bell is available for use. If this is representative of TruGreen's customer service, forget it. I have no interest in their service.
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TruGreen - My yard is a mess

My yard has been progressively getting worse since we’ve had Trugreen. Every time we talk to the tech we’re watering too much, not enough, etc. He asked if we had a dog ..... we’ve had dogs since 1998 when we bought the house! We used to have a decent back yard. It’s full of weeds, some areas are just dirt. And now he says we have a fungus. This has been going on for months ..... why haven’t they been treating it and why do I even have it if they come out for service on a regular basis?
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TruGreen - Fake contractual obligation
TrueGreen at the end of their contract continued to service my lawn. They did so at their discretion without prior authorization from me (I guess PA state laws does not apply to them). They send a bill of ~$74 with a due date of 30MAR2019. Upon calling them, a very...
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I liked
  • When they decided to work and follow through with their promises
  • Them when we started their services
I didn't like
  • Phone calls for service i do not want
  • Problem resolution
  • Cheats
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TruGreen - Terrible service

First when signing up last year I got an extreme blown up price. Called back and price was more reasonable. So, I subscribed for the year (7 services, which were seemed to be done all in a 6 month period). Wanted to be here the first time the serviced. They said they would be here from 7-12, well I took off from work. No show, called and their automated TRUDY said I was scheduled from 1-5. We had they years ago and they actually serviced another neighbors yard, the way we found out was by running into them at the grocery store and they thanked us for the service. A couple of times they didn't even leave paperwork to say they had serviced the yard and what to do. On a scale from 1-10 I give them a huge minus. Public be ware.
Customer service
Discounts and Special Offers
Diversity of Products or Services
Price Affordability
Product or Service Quality
Turnaround Time
Value for money
I didn't like
  • Do not provide the service that was paid for
  • Product and technician
  • Lack of caring about the customer
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TruGreen - Ruined my property

They came out last year and sprayed for weeds and left us with an entirely brown front yard and a back yard that was 50% brown. They came out and did aeration and seeding and that did not work. I called them back and they said seeding is not meant to grow grass where there is none. Just to fill in. We are now left with a lot of mud, and weeds. No grass.
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