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Be aware before signing on to Truegreen's services!!

By signing up with Truegreen, you agree to become a member and have to cancel your membership if you don't want their services anymore. If you don't cancel your membership, they will continue to treat your lawn and bill you for it - even if you don't live there anymore!!! It's in small print on the bottom of your contract. When you cancel the 'membership', you have to pay a membership cancellation fee.

In previous years, they called me every year until I called them back before they performed the lawn services. This last year, they didn't call me, they just went ahead and performed the services that I never asked for on the person's property that I sold my house to. Not only do they find ways to charge you too much, they also go onto properties they never got permission to get onto.

Monetary Loss: $77.

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Chardon, Ohio, United States #1278840

Membership? What are you SMOKING !

There are NO membership fee's or charges.

YOU are a customer: the same as if you would be if you sign up for cable TV or the newspaper. The service will renew yearly unless you cancel the program.

Pennsylvania, United States #879010

I work at TruGreen and there's no such thing as a membership nor a cancellation of membership fee. All of the paperwork, in fact it's on page 2 of the WAB letter you receive when you sign up, states that the service is continuous from application to application and from year to year.

However, in most states, there is no contract for services, so you can cancel at any time you want to and there are no fees charged to cancel.

How do I know this? Because I speak to anywhere from 50 to 70 TruGreen customers everyday.

to Anonymous #1641107

True green does continue service after the term expires.

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