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I am amazed or should I say amused by philphan1 or Eric Wilhelm's poor attempt to disrespect former associates. He failed miserably at both branches where he was a manager. He's lazy, inept, and posses poor leadership skills.

It is very evident that he has quite a lot of spare time, which is a typical of him. Life is too short man to live in misery.

Why now Eric, you have no back bone. You clearly chose the perfect platform. The coward you are! I sincerely hope you're doing well at hd. I sincerely wish you well Eric.

Eric get a life!

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This post was written by someone whom is lacking the basic skills and understanding needed in professional writing and communication.It features poor sentence structure and the misuse and misspelling words.

I question the intelligence and education of it's author.

If I'd have to guess I'd say it is the work of a single individual who's general incompetence and boorish behavior wreaked havoc upon the Malvern, PA branch in the years she was employed.She know's who she is.

Bellevue, Washington, United States #711897

I worked in the NJ region of TGCL for years. Watching Roger Christenson's attempt at doing his job was like watching the Keystone Cops. Utter incompetence!

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #327517

LLV, you are correct. Unfortunately you only scratched the surface of whats trully wrong with that company.

Throw in the fact that many in upper management (Christensen) lack the critical skills needed to both serve both the needs of their customers and of their employees.The letter written here serves to underscore their lack of care for employees.


It appears that TRUGREEN does not care about lawns, customers or their technicians that are pushed to the max.The managerss are expected to work 6 days a week three times a month with no compensation or bonus.

I am sorry but 60 hours per week is not how a company takes care of the employees.This company is all about revenue- at all costs.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #176867

A few years back.Roger Christensen and the N.J.

Region were responsible for getting Trugreen sued?

The New Jersey Attorney General took them to court for the very things that are complained about on this site.Unauthorized applications.

Mill Creek, Washington, United States #176864

In my last posting the reference to this guy meant Christensen.The proof is in the pudding here.

No individual has recieved more complaints than he.

Yet he has the nerve to crucify a former employee of his.Classy.

North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand #175791

How can a place which fails miserbly at developing leaders be in a position to judge?Fact is that leaders at Trugreen esp.

those who work for Christensen can not manage their way out of a wet paper bag.This shows in the countless amount of complaints about this company and this guy on this site and others.


" is very evident that he has quite a lot of spare time, which is a typical of him. "

Does this poster realize that atypical means.....not typical.

Sounds like ole Eric Wilhelm must've been a hard worker.


I worked at that place for years, I gotta say Roger Christensen is a loser to the nth degree. He is so pompus and arrogant it makes your head spin.


I wonder if the person who posted this tripe called me a coward when I was fighting for his country?

The sad part is that they are so blinded by their desire to get ahead that they can not see that Roger Christensen is an evil person. He will cut your heart out in the drop of a hat and not think twice about it.

Good luck in your career, but remember he will saw your guts out given the chance.

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