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This is how Trugreen aerated our lawn. After a month and a half of trying to have them fix their mess that’s how are lawn still looks like.

We are truly embarrassed by having the worst lawn in the neighborhood.

Apparently this company could care less about their customers. I’m ready to put a sign in my lawn stating thank you Trugreen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Aeration Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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That looks a lot like grubs. Gnarly little devils that eat the roots away from under the grass.

They live underground and can spread very quickly.

I always enjoyed having the worst yard in the neighborhood. Now we live in a rural area where nobody cares one bit about lawns or high maintenance landscaping ; it's a beautiful experience to allow nature to grow what she sees fit in terms of suitability and environmental support.

to Anonymous #1589878

Cosmic, I like it .

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