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I have been using truegreen for four years . The first two years I was extremely satisfied , after first year going into second lawn looked great.

Third year they switched managers ,after that it went downhil. This year a fungus or grubs destroyed my lawn with patches everywhere. I called district manager it took a week for someone to showup by that time lawn was ruined. They sprayed for fungus ( thats what they told me) .

They now want me to pay 260 $ to aerate and seed.

What is our recourse in court ? Anybody have any luck?

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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trugreen in the nlr, ar area is the worst. after giving them a chance to repair the damage they've done over the last 4 yrs of "service", it became evident they don't have the local mgmt.

or "techs" to deliver what was promised. I entered into a yr's long contract or agreement w/them 4/18 (of which I never rec'd a copy of even tho requested), contact w/them indicated my "contract/agreement" had expired 10/18 (is that yr?). 2 subsequent un-authorized applications were performed and I was billed for them. after heated arguments via phone they eventually erased those bills.

a "manager" from Atlanta(?) called to explain their yr. he was very rude and condescending. told him "our agreement" was terminated as well as this phone call. what was a dark green front yard turned a lime color and what used be a portion of lush green is now bare dirt.

I have another portion of the front yard almost entirely moss which used to be a good stand of native Bermuda. one tech left a "hanger" on the door stating what he did. both wife and I were at home that day, no door bell or knock was heard. we saw no tech in front or backyard and no "yard" signs were placed.

do not ask for aeration as their junk only punches dimples into yard, not pulling any plugs.

"trubrown" seems to be more interested in their corporate lawncare than residential. I strongly recommend hiring a local lawncare company who you can actually have face-to-face discussions with instead cauliflower ear time with a trubrown rep who may be hundreds of miles away.


No recourse. You paid, they provided.

The grass did not cooperate. Neither did the soil. QUOTE : " fungus or grubs " ? There is a huge difference, how could they not know for certain ?

When you soak lawns with chemicals, the natural balance that helps prevent such things is destroyed.

The "good" bacteria and bugs are killed, birds and animals can't eat the bugs or plants without being sickened, and toxins build up in the soil after repeated usage. There is likely no "suitability for use" clause anywhere in your contract that provides for damage compensation.

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