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With as many customers and employees that have complaints against Trugreen, it's no wonder they get sued all the time. Latest is a class action for employees who were not paid properly (ie.

Chinese overtime). Check out texasovertimeattorneys.com. they'll tell you what you need to know. Trugreen deserves everything that's coming to them.

They get one of these lawsuits about every 3 years or so. Run them out of your town!

They used to be a decent company, but that almighty dollar has gotten a stronghold on them over the past 15 years or so. Stick it to 'em!

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I have a Fescue lawn in my yard. Some of the fescue grass was good and strong and we re seeded in February which a good time to do so.

The new grass came up and it was beautiful and even one of the TruGreen techs stated how it looked. Well come a new tech to put down fertilizer down and he stated that this is the fertilizer that they use on newer fescue grass. Well all of the new fescue that was planted in February DIED. I had the supervisor come out and he made all kind of excuses and stated that they used the right fertilizer.

I did some research and found that you do not use a 16 nitrogen on fescue in the summer month, this is July 2018. This is to be applied in September or October. I even wrote to the President of TruGreen, no reply. The office in Loganville, Ga refuses to do anything.Last year Trugreen Killed my entire back yard using a 36% nitrogen on the Fescue.

They dug up the lawn, put down seed and left.

The seed did not grow, I had to re dig the back yard and plant fresh seed since the seed they planted was outdate the year before. It's time for a class action lawsuit.

Livingston, New Jersey, United States #1278409

They told me I was a *** for knowledge of science and I didn't have the same religion as my boss then fired me for it.... currently under way to sue them yet again

to Corey Mantooth #1552864

I agree. I hope there is one out there.


They don't get social security numbers so therefore can't hold you to anything. They will play the collections game as long as you take the bait

to Anonymous #1539659

I got a bill from them. Called them, they said i didn't cancel.

However i called them three times to cancel, every time i receive a call the my lawn will be serviced. then i have bill from them!! Any way i got a collection bill.

You are saying it is a bait? you mean it is not going to ruin my credit history?


As an employee in Augusta GA, sadly this is all very true. They do very u ethical things to customers and actually record customer conversations used for sales trainings but never let the customer know they are being recorded in order to pressure and tell reps what to say


I'm on hypersensitivity list and they fail to call in advance of spraying. My lips get numb, I cough til' I gag, and my heart races.

I called to complain and they told me to go to the ER. Like I have 100.00 for ER copays every time they fail to call me. I called the Dept. of Agriculture today to file a complaint.

They are supposed to contact them. Hopefully this will get resolved.

All I wanted to do was go to the store today but instead I walked out to TruGreen spray and now I'm sick. So unfair.~Anonymous

to anonymous #931676

the only problem is that the technicians get their work at 6ish that morning your other option would be to switch to a granular program

to anonymous #1382218

Wait why wouls you risk being. A customer with a sensitivity? Thats just stupidity

Moosic, Pennsylvania, United States #682303

I am glad someone is sueing because I have had enough of businesses taking advantage of innocent customers. I was billed by TruGreen for work they claimed they performed.

I never even was in any contract with them. This is in NorthEast PA.

I have reported to BBB. and am going to fight it in court if that is the only way.

to Moosic Tustin, California, United States #729834


Can you please let me know anything about debt collection form trugreen?

I got letter from the debt collector for $60.

I did not signed any contract with them.

I called them for quote and they serviced my lawn and sent bill. when I refused to pay they gave it to debt collection.

What should happen. Another thing is they had my name totally wrong. Both first name and last name. So I am not so worried.

But any advice is helpful.


to ajar493 #746371

Well kind of hard to sue someone without the correct name. Stop trying to get a free treatment and pay your bill.

to common sense #931677

they get the info at the call center , then set up the treatments without customer approval, they have been doing this for years

to common sense #952744

I worked for them in the past and the manager made me call people all day long for 12 hrs. And the list of people was generated.

Off an old old computer i hated it.

Other coworkers would sucker people into one treatment and put on list for a year worth of service. My guess is this how people ended up getting billed ongoing.

to common sense #1395550

Spoken like a real Gangrene

to common sense #1395551

Stop fake billing and ghosting lawns common senseless

to ajar493 #1385905

That is their bullying ways... they will not turn against your credit. Use facebook, and complain, the response ro me was minutes, and I requested a call, they called, listened to my complaint and credited my acct


I have several years of marketing/sales experience. So after being unemployed, I hired on with TruGreen as a Salesman.

They had put a great job offer on the table for me. First of all, whatever they tell new hires that they will be making, you can really subtract 20% off the $ number that they initially tell you. Actually, there is a lot of down-sides about this company & job that they don't fully disclose in the interviews. Salesmen have to use their own cars to run leads and canvass neighborhoods.

TruGreen's gas/milage reimbursement sucks at 23 cents a mile. Then their annual pay raises are laughable at best. They're very good at making "mistakes" on your paycheck, and then blaming the computer. (Which is an 80's vintage IBM AS-400 system that is in process of being upgraded.) The guys had to resort to taking a picture of the computer screen of their hours worked when they clocked out-out at the end of each week, just to cover themselves in case they had to prove a pay dispute!

There is a long lag-time in getting your sales commission because the 1st application must be done AND the customer must pay for it before you get your pay-out. TruGreen's sales payroll structure is "Draw Against Commission". This salary plan is completely based on commission. At the start of each weekly pay period, sales employees are advanced a specific amount of money known as a "pre-determined draw".

This draw is then deducted from your commission at the end of each pay period. After paying back the draw, the salesman keeps the rest of the money. If you cannot earn more sales commission than your draw in a weeks pay period, then you owe money to TruGreen. If you have had bad sales weeks, then you work for free and run to a deficit.

(Since all your commission is going towards repaying your draw.) Its like that song 16 TONS where he says, "Another day older and deeper in debt." .... "I owe my soul to the company store." At this point you're so far in the hole that they fire salesmen. [The Region Mgr quipped that we're "making ourselves redundant". Whatever the *** that means!] Then they hire new, and the vicious cycle of turnover starts all over again!

At another Branch, both the G.M. & Sales Mgr were fired for trying to bridge the gap by "padding" the salesmen's paychecks.

Working for TruGreen is a situation of too much risk with too little reward. (Applys to customers also.) Suffice it to say, I'm looking for a different job.

to WAS a company man! #597029

Sounds like to me you are a pretty poor salesman. It worked for me!!!!!!!!!! take a look in the mirror and realize maybe YOUR the problem

to beetle #597230

Oh yeah! Beetle must've started with them in the early 80's when there was actually some respect associated with the name TruGreen.

Kind of like a pyramid scheme. Get in early, good for you! If not, *** rolls down hill, and smells worse and worse, and more worse. Beetle, unless you are WAY up there in the ranks, don't think you're safe.

Either you're a naive kid, or a veteran who has no where else to go, so you make yourself feel better by lying to yourself.

TruGreed is a dead end. Stay away!

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