I will never use TruGreen or ChemLawn again because its a waste of money. They'd spray for weeds with no results.

I'd call and they'd spray again, still weeds everywhere. Also, I had just planted a new expensive tree and the lazy *** pulled the full length of the hose past it on his way to the back yard. This scattered the mulch and the friction burnt off some of the tender bark.

My neighbor still has the service even though several of their bushes have mysteriously died. But get this - it was pouring rain and they came out and did a liquid *** control application.

Does this make any sense?

I don't think my elderly neighbor understands that a heavy downpour will dilute the chemicals and render them useless. More pollution down the storm sewer.

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Service.

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I made the huge mistake of switching over to the Service-Master Companies (TruGreen & Terminix) for my Lawn Care and Pest Control services. And I feel like I'm managing a bunch of *** teenagers!

Being a customer of theirs shouldn't be this much work!! Disappointed!!!

Wildwood, Florida, United States #446001

What does TruGreen have in common with Gypsies? They're both beggars, thieves and cheats!


What's the difference between TruGreen and the carnival?

The carnival leaves town once everyone is on to them! :p


Well Rain gets the product down to the roots.Rain is ok as long as its not more than 6 hours.If only the public was educated in the fertilizer process.So many times its the cust. fault (Not watering properly , mowing correct hight) Supposed to be a partnership with cust , not war.

My branch has a great customer retention rate , our cust. are happy.

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