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OH what happened when they get done with you running oh bout 10,000 dollars a week they lay you off cause theirs nothing to do . YA THINK !!!!!

no *** theirs nothing to do we have done it all . OH and now we are gonna get demoted again for the fourth time n a row . I cant sleep at night knowing what i did to peoples lawns when i worked there, and still do. I do as little as I can they dont care bout me why should I care bout those slave drivers .Trugreen cares only bout getting paid ,not about ,employees or their customer and that is what pays the bills.

But they dont give a *** bout anyone . I will have to take another cut in pay for those assbags . We are gonna have to take another cut in pay we will now b getting paid by the hour instead of salary with commission and monthly cancel retention witch will kick oh dont no bout several thousands of dollars. TRUGREEN CARES ONLY ABOUT THE BOTTOM LINE NOT ABOUT THEIR EMPLOYES OR CUSTOMERS .


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I worked for TruGreen for 7 years. I stuck it out for that long expecting things to improve, until I got sick & tired of being lied to.

TruGreen could not care less about the chemical comtamination of our communities. Branch management had me out on properties 10 times a year; sometimes applying pesticides in the pouring rain, (light good, heavy NOT!). And spraying trees and shrubs in 40 mph winds, (over 15 mph is wrong). Work days were never called off due to bad weather.

Local TruGreen management only cares about using & abusing employees and making a huge profit to get their annual bounses. Greed is their way! Likewise, there are a lot of customers that are not thrilled with their service. Just read through these comments and you will see that my opinion of this company is a very common one.

Right now public opinion is definitely not in favor of TruGreen.

Corporate thought that they would simply fix the company's tattered image by dropping the ChemLawn name and re-branding the trucks with a new logo. Upper management may have good intentions, but they are going to have to do things differently if they want TruGreen to do better!

Abilene, Texas, United States #589795

I worked for TruGreen. Even though the pay was good, I quit and I also let them know that they are crooked!

For example: Their policy is "No customer is allowed to cancel." So, if I wrote up a cancel, they would refuse to enter it into the computer. The problen here, is that I went to several "customers" homes who were very pissed that I even showed up there, because they said they told TruGreen to cancel several times! I could go on for awhile on all the short-changes that they expect of their employees. What took the cake was that in sales training, (all employees are required to sell), we were told to sell a 8 or 9 step [treatment] program, which included a free winterizer.

When we asked what product was used for winterizing, managers said to use anything! "We just say that, to make it sound good, as that's what customers want to hear!" Important note: The inside training that I received on paper was very good. However, the actual field training out on the truck was crooked! It was all about walking very fast with the spreader output set very low.

They do *** poor work! With the training on paper we use a calibration (gap) gauge for the spreader. In actual field training, no such thing....just guess.... I got a gauge, but was never told what number setting to go by.

TruGreen has questionable billing practices too. This was at the Midland, TX office.


I work there now. they are hurting for money so bad that are trying to sell insilation.

they treat their employees awful. pay is low. techs don't show up at properties, managers don't care, cust call all day complaining.. they're an awful company to work for.

trugreen searches the web to see if employees arent posting complaints. they just fired a woman, who has been there for years, because she makes too much money. poor woman has nine children.

she was good at her job too.. Trugreen is a joke.A big scam.


And so again I ask this question to "pissed off employee". After explaining what a terrible company they are to work for, why did you go back to work for them?

to joker91 #584841

TO: joker91, To answer your question "Why do you go back to work for them?" You ask a valid question. I have been a Field Specialist with TruGreen for 20 years.

So this is not just a JOB for me, but IS my chosen profession. I enjoy working in this industry very much. To build a career, a person needs to make an investment and build one's own equity (401k, etc.) within ONE company.

I could never do this if I quit, and jumped from one company to the next, everytime something happened at work that I didn't like or agree with. In point of fact, I came to the very harsh realization my first month on the job that I would need to wall myself off from the negatives of the company if I was going to stay on for the long term.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #436190

Of course when the season ends in late fall and TruGreen runs out of work to do, then Specialits get laid-off for the winter. Duh!

That is the nature of the business in the northern states. Trugreen is not going to keep a bunch of Specialists on payroll to do basiclly nothing when there is no revenue to generate.

I also don't know what you are talking about "No commission nor Cancel Retention bonus". TruGreen is still paying out commission on production & sales, AND the monthly cancel retention bonus with the new hourly pay method that has been inplemented. Plus we will actually get paid real time-and-a-half overtime for the first time.

Now the next thing that TruGreen Corporate H.Q.

needs to do is fix the company's tattered reputation as a consumer marketing company that blows smoke to book sales.

And stop pushing un-necessary Expanded Services on its customers all of the time. Personally, I get sick & tired of customers telling me that they like my service, but absolutely hate TruGreen's salesmen constantly hasseling them to always by more!!!!!!!!!

to Justice & Truth #618591

EARNINGS REPORT FOR 2012: GOOD NEWS & BAD NEWS: The Good News is that as a veteran Specialist, I made $5500 more in 2012 over and above what I made in 2011. And my fellow Techs at my branch all report making a lot more money in 2012 from the prior season also.

This increase in personal income is all in spite of working less hours, and not getting paid commission on production. (Which was lame anyway.) So, the Good News is that the TG Techs are working less hours/days in a week. And yet we are still making more money under the hourly 1.5 overtime pay plan. Believe me, I don't miss that old Chinese OT/6 day work-week one bit!

This is the good news at TruGreen in 2012. Now, for the BAD NEWS. TruGreen's parent, ServiceMaster saw declines in revenue, income and posted operating losses of $533 million in 2012. The ServiceMaster Company's results in 2012 showed growth EXCLUDING the TruGreen results.

TruGreen bore most of the blame for sapping money from SVM. As their loss was greater than the profits made by all the other SVM companys combined. Excluding TruGreen, there was growth in operating revenue for ServiceMaster of 5% for 2012 over 2011. The company attributes the losses to a decline in customer counts.

Also, TruGreen had higher fuel, fertilizer, labor and technology costs from a new operating (computer) system that contributed to the grim numbers. Plus, an unexpected part of the decline was an ADVERSE customer reaction to its more expensive Healthy Lawn Plan offered at a premium price.

Also TruGreen's acquisition volume was down about 60% in 2012. ServiceMaster's solution is to rework TruGreen and move towards offering customers more choices in 2013, with a sucesssful sales model in what continues to be a "redesign" of TruGreen offerings.


So why did you go back to work for them?


Dont forget they work ya to death,make you treat customers poorly, push services they honestly dont need ( LAWNS GENERALLY DONT NEED LIME AND POTASH!!) then screw up filing your unemployment so you go months without pay!!! Customers beware, we are groomed to scam you. NEVER WORK THERE!!

to Also Laid Off #1377615

How about you stop complaining maybe some people see good things at TruGreen

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