I have paid, in advance, for all services for the year back on March 14, 2020. I expected everything to go smoothly and professionally.

It was neither smooth nor professional, but I'm contacting you due to the flagrant absence of attention to my side lawn. I have a challenging yard with a steep grade on the side yard. That's the main reason I hired TruGreen in the first place. I'm 72 and can't deal with the yard work as I once did.

An operator came to aerate my complete yard on 9/8/20. I was home and watched him run around with a riding aerator, which was very fast, but had problems negotiating my steep side yard. He said he wouldn't do that area because he determined it was unsafe. I understood and suggested he come back with a "normal" walk-behind aerator and finish the yard.

He didn't come back and I contacted Katina Crawford. She never responded or acknowledged the unfinished work. Finally, I told her I would have someone else do the work and I would send her the bill. I did and I have still heard nothing.

I will keep moving up to the CEO next.

It's a breach of our contract that I have already paid in full. It cost another $220 to have that work done and I want paid back!!

User's recommendation: Don’t use TruGreen because there are too many reputable companies in your area that will do a better job for less money.

Location: Acworth, Georgia

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