Trugreen Contacted My Husband In May for mosquito and all other bugs defense package. We paid in full for 4 months of services.

The tech came out May 21, sprayed three bushes and left thank God I had surveillance cameras to see that we were about to be robbed out of what we originally paid for. The tech didn't do either side of the house nor back. I called and complain they sent another tech out to do the job, they were suppose to come out every 30 days and they never came back to do the work. We kept getting texts messages that they were on there way to do the work but they would never showed or called to apologize, It became a rotating routine for them.

Finally I got so feed up with there lack of service and constant unapologetic attitude. I demanded for the rest of my money back.

I would truly SHOUT from every roof top that this company is one to stay away from it's truly mismanage and they're scammers they will charge you for service that they're not giving you, If your not wise enough to pay attention or have camera to catch them, You will be HAD. BUYERS BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE!!!!

User's recommendation: Stay away from this company.

Location: Newark, Delaware

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