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To get into direct contact with the President/CEO of TruGreen, here is the direct line to his office: 901-597-1964. This number is answered by his personal secretary at the TruGreen Corporate Headquarters in Memphis, TN. You can also email his office at customercare@trugreenmail.com

The second way to get your issues resolved, is to post a comment on TruGreen's Facebook wall. While you are on the Trugreen Facebook page, be sure to click on "Photos" at the top of the page. VERY REVEALING!!!

The final step is to also contact TruGreen's parent company, ServiceMaster at their 24-hour Ethics Hotline at 1-800-937-9888. You can also email them at talktous@servicemaster.com

I am posting all this contact information as an angry ex-Trugreen customer. First, I had poor service results. I had a lot of problems trying to call the local office. Then after cancelling, I had disputes with TruGreen over billing for extra services that they added on without my OK. And then being called DAILY and hounded by very aggressive (and sometimes rude) salesmen trying desparately to get me to reinstate with TruGreen. I followed all 3 steps outlined above to finally resolve the billing dispute, and to get TruGreen to stop contacting me for good. IT WORKED!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Customer Care.

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Just experienced the same thing. Paid full year in advance & asked for a refund due to their service rep not showing up.

Local terminal manager actually laughed. Cancelled service. Svc Rep showed up 3 weeks later & I got billed for it.

Took numerous phone calls to get the bill cancelled. Had to reseed most of lawn due to insect & weed damage resulting from them never showing up to do what I paid for.


I have gone online submitted my cancell. I have wrote a letter for cancellation.

I have talked to the TruGreen guy that Services my lawn. I have talked to the supervisor who does this area. And I have talked to another supervisor. What does it take to get no service and the sad part is I still would have been with TruGreen if they didn't screw up when I put down the new lawn.

I put down two and a half new pallets of St Augustine. I called them and told them I wanted it treated.

Week and a half later and two other phone calls no TruGreen out here so I had to get somebody else to treat my lawn. Now they keep on showing up at my house where where they when I really needed them and what does it take for them to get that idea and don't want their service.


Dear Jim my name is Teresa Thompson and I have been doing business with you for at least 18 years in 2011 your company chemically burned my yard and has made feeble attempts to correct it planting Fescue when my yard was bluegrass. I was told by David Leonard that they would be out here to thatch and Seed my yard with bluegrass.

I have fought with your company every year since you trashed my yard. I am to the point of suing and calling Dun & Bradstreet and whatever I have to do I have lost lots of money because people have wanted to have weddings in my yard and my home.

You may contact me at area code 816-204-4827 thank you in advance Teresa Thompson I am going to check the box that says I have read the pissed consumer only because I cannot close this until I do but I see no where where I can read this agreement. So in other words I do not agree to it I don't know what it is.


Trugreen burnt my lawn two years ago. Been calling them several times, had meetings with them several times and the same thing, if you pay $1200 dollars plus a couple of treatments we can make it look good again. VERY POOR SERVICE here in west Michigan.


You need to call me ASAP. I’m having a problem with my service.

Your tech burnt my lawn. I’m not happy at all.

to Anonymous #1568791

I’m sure they will get right back to you...because they monitor this thread passionately.


I just called the Ethics Hotline number and was told they are no longer accepting reports for Trugreeen.


Tru Green debit my account for an huge amount of money that I did not authorize them to take out. my plan was for 59.95 and they debit it for 264.00 I called and called and got no help or resolutions I will never use Tru Green nor recommend them to any one.


I just signed up and same issues, have staryed... added services I did not agree to etc..incorrect application


My Boyfriend is a good worker and started with trugreen towards the end of the year in 2017. As soon as he started back up with them this year, they have worked him like a slave and baiting the employees with false promises of cutting the hours to 10 a day and 4 days a week.

Their route schedules are disorganized,poorly thought out, and they pile on more and more work so you can never get ahead or hope to be home at a decent hour to get the sleep you need to wake up and do all the *** again. The bosses always find a way to make the techs feel like *** no matter how well they do. They have lied to him and abused him for the sake of keeping their pathetic company head above water.

They charged his mother for a service she didnt want and argued with her over it. I wish I could watch them burn.


I'm sure you could care less about my problem, but it will make me feel better venting my problem to you. I made the mistake of hiring Trugreen for my lawncare approx.

120 days ago. I was having issues with my lawn when I called Trugreen to get an quote on the charge and what needed to be done to correct my problem. I hired Trugreen and did everything they recommended. After spending almost $250.00 my lawn looks the same.

The one thing they told me they would do has never been done. A soil sample to see the PH of the soil. I have been trying to contact the office my service comes out of, but you guessed it, no one will return my call. Here is a little tidbit, I called the number about signing up for the service and I've received 2 calls in less than 24 hours.

I can not imagine how much you guys spend to get a new customer, why after you get one you treat them like *** is beyond me.

I'm out of here. I sent this e mail to the people at Servicemaster, TruGreens parent Co.

to Steve #1538313

f.y.i. It's pointless, and will do you absolutely no good to contact ServiceMaster, as they no longer own TruGreen.


The phone number to David Alexander office - Pres of TruGreen is: 901.681.1800 - type in last name and press option 2 for David Alexander - it will connect to direct assistant to the President. Ext is 19012514500

to Durango #1572167

Is this the current CEO number?


Why is it so hard to communicate with TrueGreen?A simple problem has revealed a bureaucratic nightmare.Working with TrueGreen is like working with the government.


It has come to my attention that the N***** Word was used against an African American Employee by another Employee. At the WhiteMarsh Branch.

This is a place of Business! In No way should this be a place where employee(s) tell their Manager's about a problem, and Manager's tell an employee to keep it Hushed or asked not to say anything/ bring the issue up IN FEAR of Corporate stepping in as a PUNISHMENT for another's HARSH WORDS. This is why companies have guidelines where as a situation like this happens There should be No Apprehension whether an issue should be brought to the attention of a Manager or higher, and either party not wanting to do anything about the matter. This is Disgusting!

This branch is Corrupt! To say the least. Not to mention Manager's telling their employees to Spray in the Rain. To make a Quota?

Idiotic. I have witnessed this myself on many Occasions. In addition to the Racial slur I will personally Contact the NAACP, about this unfortunate matter. As there needs to be some sort of an investigation about what has happened a few days ago.

I would like to report this as Anonymous, and not bring in Social media to use as a platform of such injustice, however something needs to be Done. I will be making a call to President/CEO of TruGreen, direct line office: 901-597-1964.

Or the 24hr ServiceMaster at their 24-hour Ethics Hotline at 1-800-937-9888. Thank you for your time


my house is a new construction with freshly laid sod they came and killed the sod promised to rectify the problem and we're still waiting

to Tamara Rajah #1539591

Hi Tamara.. Did they compensate you or replace the sod? I believe they killed one of my young trees and am currently looking for compensation.

to Tamara Rajah #1553840

Ive been waiting on my sod from trugreen for 14 months.....they came and put in half of it... left my yard to grow up in weeds lie after lie as to why it is not completed.. promise after promise this is the worst company I have ever dealt with...


Greenville, NC - Have been using Tru-Green for a few years now and my lawn has never looked worse. Finally thought they were on the road to fixing what they destroyed.

Was told they would have soil samples taken, analyzed and then recommend what to do.

That was 2 months ago and I'm still getting the run around. If you want to DESTROY your lawn go with Tru-Green.

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