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To get into direct contact with the President/CEO of TruGreen, here is the direct line to his office: 901-597-1964. This number is answered by his personal secretary at the TruGreen Corporate Headquarters in Memphis, TN. You can also email his office at customercare@trugreenmail.com

The second way to get your issues resolved, is to post a comment on TruGreen's Facebook wall. While you are on the Trugreen Facebook page, be sure to click on "Photos" at the top of the page. VERY REVEALING!!!

The final step is to also contact TruGreen's parent company, ServiceMaster at their 24-hour Ethics Hotline at 1-800-937-9888. You can also email them at talktous@servicemaster.com

I am posting all this contact information as an angry ex-Trugreen customer. First, I had poor service results. I had a lot of problems trying to call the local office. Then after cancelling, I had disputes with TruGreen over billing for extra services that they added on without my OK. And then being called DAILY and hounded by very aggressive (and sometimes rude) salesmen trying desparately to get me to reinstate with TruGreen. I followed all 3 steps outlined above to finally resolve the billing dispute, and to get TruGreen to stop contacting me for good. IT WORKED!!!!

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Emails do not work...another failure in their company.




Same here and my daughter was working for them! Getting my stuff together to send to the CEO.

People save your money!! Don't do business with them.


Same issue with my lawn. I just filed a complaint with BBB.

I have wasted 4 calls and 2 hours trying to get hem off my back and they came without notice!

I cancelled their service in December and they keep showing up! I am not going to pay for the unauthorized service!


TruGreen calls five times a day we are on the Do Not Call List I've reported them to the Federal Trade Commission I am disgusted with them we fired them months ago they did nothing for all the lawn of any good


I had just aerated and over seeded my lawn on a Sunday. Tuesday they show up unannounced leave a voicemail and proceed to *** and feed my lawn most likely preventing my seed from germinating.

to Anonymous #1382208

Well youre dumb. You get a call from an automated system. And i bet you never called the company to make them aware you are doing {{Redacted}} yourself as its a partnership.


TruGreen burnt and killed off a huge portion of my lawn. After 3 weeks of calling and email they still have not refunded all monies I have paid their company this year.

They will not give me a written guarantee that they will repair my yard and it will be in the same green and lush state next year as it was before they damaged it. I'm told there is no way of reaching supervisors, no other phone numbers. They will not call back or email back.

They even sprayed my neighbors yard, 2 houses away and then billed me for it. This took place right before they damaged my yard.

to Heather H #1379885

Total BS story. I. Eat you messed your own lawn up, and are looking for a scapegoat for your stupidity

to Anonymous #1481110

Please be compassionate. People have spent their hard earned money with real grown up problems to deal with.

Responding may be a game to you, but it is a distraction to others. Too much going on in this world to be so insensitive....


I have Tru Green for two weeks and they have destroyed my entire lawn my green grass is now brown I honestly think it was done deliberately because there is no way my entire lawn damaged


I am so sick and tired you killed my new lawn then was being given the side step BS. Well here is what is going on till my new grass is back. Notice the big Yellow truck with your message on the side.

Kindest Regards

Steven W Stull



i just cancelled True Green lawn care I've never been more disappointed in their service they've totally destroyed my lawn and when i called for a supervisor to come out and have a look at my lawn i got no satisfaction at all but they're ringing down my phone asking for payment i won't let them com within 10ft of my lawn and I'll be advising all my neighbors to be ware of TRUE GREEN

Dayton, Ohio, United States #1355867

Just got home after 3 weeks of work out of town and my lawn has never looked worse. Joke is on me because I'm paying for it.

Very disappointing indeed. Todd Mason Ohio

Hagerstown, Maryland, United States #1349028

I'm an employee at trugreen who needs a lot of dental work and every time I try to call off for a dentist appointment I get told no. I have enough p.t.o.

but my manager always tells me I need to schedule it for at least 2 weeks out. I have searing nerve pain 24/7 and just want to be able to get my teeth pulled and they tell me to reschedule it because my route is already in the system. This is absolutely unacceptable. I need 8 teeth pulled and haven't been able to even get the first one done.

I deserve and am owed time off. I have 40 unused paid time off hours.

I keep trying to use them but apparently they're good for nothing. Please give me a call at 2402913789 or email me at greenonion42@yahoo.com.

Wernersville, Pennsylvania, United States #1324874

Well, I was totally surprised when I looked outside to see your technician was just finished with servicing our lawn, even though I had not contracted with you this year at all. Looks like you just go ahead and do what had been done last year.

I will no longer want your service...that sure is not how business should be conducted. I appreciate if you give a refund to my credit card for yesterdays service which I did not want.

Thank you very much!

Sigrid Schmidt, Wernersville, PA

to Sigrid Schmidt #1382213

Why dont people read their paperwork? It all states services xontinue year to uear unless we call to cancel.

Its not even a contract.

Theres 2 states that have contracts. Unless youre in MN or NY youre under no contract and basically look like a fool for not reading things and for also not doing your home work before giving out your credit card number.

Waterford Township, Michigan, United States #1323908

True green is a Ponzi scheme, l smell a class action lawsuit

to Mike Chesterton, Indiana, United States #1328440

I want to sue truegreen for ruining my once nice yard. Do you have any advice for me?

to ***ed home owner Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1328642

Yea. Take some responsibility and handle your yard yourself instead of being lazy and asking someone else to do it for you.

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