As a former 25 yr TruGreen employee, the consumer complaints are valid.Servicemaster has gone through several leadership changes in the last 10 yrs.

The current one being the worst. The employees are under constant stress of being fired and overworked. There is no emphasis on providing quality service but instead the focus is on reducing material and labor cost. The consumer is a number, not a valued customer, as recent focus on centralization would validate.

Localized customer service was eliminated to reduce cost and make the company more open to purchase. The current CEO has created an organization that is no longer committed to the original goals of TruGreen but a series of misleading marketing promotions and a detrimental path of destroying employee moral. Your TruGreen representative wants to do " The Right Thing ", but they are working in a hostile and unproductive environment. The current administration has eliminated most of the " Lawncare " people from the organization and replaced them with lower salaried less qualified people.

This will continue until the company is sold and the people that created this disaster are long gone.

I chose to leave this company and the business that I loved under my own accord, refusing to adhere to abuse of the employees and the customers.To those of you who have enjoyed great service and fantastic results from the " old " TruGreen, we can only hope that this mess will be over soon.

Monetary Loss: $400.


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Bartlett, Tennessee, United States #1119991

When the 'great recession' hit, Corporate couldn't see the beckoning heights.The ship was taking on more water than they could bail, and they refused to retrench.

Many of TruGreen's ventures were ill-conceived, born out of naivete, and had too little input by career lawn people. Instead, Corporate hired retail "taste-makers" that squandered money that should have gone into fundamental improvement of the service.

There is no business problem solving, but an overriding group-think process of forgetting reality, and going on theory and rhetoric.The rest is history, and hindsight is cheap -- and for too easily indulged!

Lewiston, Maine, United States #765890

What was once a quality organization has been restructured into a profit making machine.While there is absolutely nothing wrong with making a profit in a business model.

This should not and cannot be done at the expense of the employees and customers of TruGreen, held by the ServiceMaster empire. TruGreen has gotten so large, and has tried to consolidate many of its redundant services such as billing and customer service in to central hubs across the USA. This process was implemented by TruGreen corporate in 2010, after removing those duties from their 200+ local Branch offices. This action has been a huge failure overall and TruGreen has lost millions of dollars along with many customers, and are continuing to loose them.

(300,000+ in 2 years!) Just try and contact a LOCAL office. Employees should not be forced to make "x" amount of sales per week as Service Technicians. This is at the core conflict of priorities. You cannot service customers (fertilize lawns, etc) and be a sales machine simultaneously.

One or the other will suffer. When the last TruGreen CEO was brought on board, (3rd in 4 years!). The ship was taking on more water than it could bail. The U.S.

economic crisis compounded TruGreen's already deep financial troubles, which made matters worse for ServiceMaster.Now just this month ServiceMaster announced that they are going to cut TruGreen loose due to the excessive money loss that TruGreen is bringing to the entire ServiceMaster brand.

Lilburn, Georgia, United States #761668

TruGreen WAS once the cash cow of ServiceMaster for years (1990's & early 2000's).Only when the misguided attempt to replicate Terminix operating protocols took place, did TruGreen's service melt-down commence.

Learning the hard way that a lawn care company is not a pest control company. Since late 2010, TruGreen suffers death by 10,000 cuts as one inapplicable strategy after another was implemented with total disdain for any institutional knowledge from within the business. As a result, we now see a fractured company, pathetic field morale and a staggeringly poor financial performance. Add in a dismal customer satisfaction rating.

TruGreen is a sorry and pitiful shadow of what it use to be.The manner in which this company was systemically destroyed via self induced injury could serve as a case study in business school on how NOT to maintain a company!

Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #690292

I worked for TruGreen for 20 years. I quit a little over 3 years ago, so now the pain of being run off has gone. My take on what has happened to TruGreen is that, first and foremost, the housing bubble burst. That caused the company to lose its biggest source of growth. Since around 2008, when Dennis Sutton was doing a GREAT job of maintaining the company through some very tough times, the company has gone into denial about what has happened to its revenue and growth. Instead of facing up to a difficult reality and adjusting to a new market, they decided to flog the middle and lower managers and continually have stated, "we can't blame the economy for our poor perfomance". Anyone looking from the outside-in can see how wrong that is. It put an unfair burden on the Region level management and Branch level management.

A company of this size won't fall apart - that's not very realistic. Clayton, Dublier and Rice (the current owners of ServiceMaster) put their company into an extremely weak position when they borrowed far more money than the company was worth to buy it, just as the housing market was crashing. Now they can't get rid of it - who wants to buy it? Anybody who MIGHT want to doesn't have the money for that size of purchase, and CD&R can't take that kind of bath, to lose billions. So they are stuck trying to squeeze every penny out of ServiceMaster.

As for management, it's true that the company has let most of the lawn care experts go. Listen to their radio commercial (I've heard it on early morning radio). The ad mentions "PhD scientists". The company currently only employs one PhD in a "scientific capacity", and he is incompetent. They have LOTS of scientists with Masters or Bachelors degrees who really do know what they are doing, but because of genuinely cheap and incompetent upper management, those "scientists" are not really able to do that much for the technicians in the field.

TruGreen doesn't hire illegals. Anyone who says they do really doesn't know much about the internal workings of the company. They wouldn't take that type of risk - at least not knowingly. In fact, they really don't seem to hire very may Hispanic workers, considering the type of work. However, they do generally underpay and overwork the average technician, and the route goals are far from fair. This hurts the customer because it hurts the technician.

Anyway, when they dumped their most tenured employees (one region lost all but one employee, and has had 5 Region Managers since 2009), it definitely hurt the lawn care expertise.

I would hate to see the company go completely under. That's not fair to the loyal employees who have stuck it out for years. Maybe the best thing in the long run would be to break up the company into smaller companies and spin the whole thing off. That way the people in the lower positions, who actually service customers, could keep their jobs and upper management could move on to ruining other companies, like overnight shipping companies or fast food restaurants.

Best of luck to both lawn care customers and employees.

Not out of anger, but because of lack of trust, I would never hire TruGreen.


I worked for TruGreen for 7 years.I stuck it out for that long expecting things to improve, until I got sick & tired of being lied to.

TruGreen could not care less about the chemical contamination of our communities. Branch management had me out on properties 10 times a year, sometimes applying pesticides in the pouring rain, (light good, heavy NOT!). And spraying trees & shrubs in 40mph wind. (over 15mph is wrong).

Work days were never called off due to bad weather. Local Trugreen management only cares about using & abusing employees and making a huge profit to get their annual bonuses. Greed is their way! Likewise, there is a lot of customers that are not thrilled with their service.

Just read through these comments and you will see that my opinion of this company is a very common one. Right now public opinion is definately not in favor of Trugreen.

Corporate thought that they would simply fix the company's tattered image by dropping the ChemLawn name and re-branding the trucks with a new logo.Upper management may have good intentions, but they are going to have to do things differently if they want TruGreen to do better!

Abilene, Texas, United States #589814

I worked for TruGreen.Even though the pay was good I quit and I also let them know that they are crooked!

For example; Their policy is "No customer is allowed to cancel!" So, if I were to write up a cancel, they would refuse to enter it into the computer. The problem here, is that I went to several "customers" homes who were very pissed that I even showed up there, because they said they told TruGreen to cancel several times! I could go on for a while on all the short-changing that they expect of their employees. What took the cake was that in sales training, (all employees are required to sell), we were told to sell a 8 or 9 step [treatment] program, which included a free winterizer.

When we asked what product was used for winterizing, managers said to say (use) anything! "We just say that, to make it sound good, as that's what customers want to hear!" Important note: The inside training that I received on paper was very good. However, the actual field training out on the truck was crooked! It was all about walking very fast with the spreader output set very low.

They do *** poor work! With the training on paper we are to use a calibration (gap) gauge for the spreader. In actual field training, no such thing....just guess.... I got a gauge, but was never told what number setting to go by.

TruGreen has questionable billing practices too.This was at the Midland, TX office.

Wildwood, Florida, United States #322969

CORRECT!!!!They need to call this company for what is really is "TruFraud".

Specialist racing thru properties in order to hit an impossibly high production number! This is what happens when a corporation runs an agricultural business. And then endlessly bugging people to buy more services. Most of TruGreen cancels are self-inflicted.

Managers just tell Techs "Leave your conscience at home!" Sales and Operations are constantly working against each other.Just go to www.glassdoor.com to see more employee Reviews......


trugreen is in a quick spiral down by my estimates theyll be sold soon but they will not survive they will just sell the *** trucks and and fire all the techs to all my fellow employees i tip my hat trugreen sucks from their retardedly low *** prices to *** *** customers who expext to much for their *** *** prices trugreen is gonna go outta buisness within a year or two just look at the spiral dont forget how they beat the *** outta theyre techs to the ceo you are a true greedy selfish *** you ***

to trugreen manager #611426

This is all part of the New TruGreen for 2013.It's now all about consolodation & centralization.

Reducing the number of Divisions from 5 down to 4. And now doing all telemarking out of only 14 "telepods" that are supposed to cover the entire country for Trugreen.

Now THAT'S personalized service!:roll


I feel your pain.I work in customer service and this year, even more than others, I have been receiving more complaints regarding results on the lawn.

I later found out that the company purchased a lower cost fertilizer. I can only assume that lower cost equals lower results. How many times can I hear "My lawn looks worse than my neighbors who do it themselves" or even worse "I treated this patch of lawn myself and it greened up beautifully, but the portion of lawn TG treated is still yellow".

I feel bad having to enter service calls for the overworked techs, knowing they have precious little time and are working with possibly inferior products.Just waiting to be laid off again at the end of the year too - BONUS!

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