I had been a customer of TruGreen for 8 years. This season I have called many times regarding my lawn service..

I get many promises about a Service Man being in my area but no one ever shows up. When I call the office I am told "I'm sorry" and a new date promised for service. At the same time, there was a Service Truck in the area servicing "new customers". I asked the Service Man why he was not doing mine?

I am right across the street from the neighbor who was being serviced. He said he was only doing new customers because they complain if they don't get serviced right away. He said he would check on it for me. I did not receive a response.

I was promised to have a service man out on 4/19/12. No one showed up again. Today, 4/20/12 I cancelled my service. (Again, the representative said "I'm sorry".

This is a definite case of Consumer Neglect/Mistreatment. I DO NOT RECOMMEND TRUGREEN FOR FUTURE CUSTOMERS.

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I am experiencing the very same situation right now - 8 Jun 12. I prepaid for the 5 treatments and they don't show up.

My grass is turning yellow/white. Not what I paid for. I get the automated phone call indicating when they will show up and they are over a month behind. I called and they just apologize but still no response.

I asked to speak to a manager and there was no one available. I was told I would get a call but haven't received one. Treating the lawn is not hard, it's the service that you pay for.

Well, I am not getting any service. I am making the call to cancel now.


Round 1's are done on the same days as round 2's at some point. 2's are done with 3's and so on.

Rounds are also supposed to be spaced out every 6 weeks, but if it comes down to crunch time and the company wants their money, you could get a round 6 and round 7 only 20 days apart. I've seen it more times than I can remember. Sure, some customers are pains, but it's likely because they have not been informed as to why or how trugreen does what they do; or how trugreen's logic can vary depending on if it affects that bottom line.

They've got excuses for every situation that comes along, because they know how to make a buck. That's what they're all about.


And I want to add to the last post. When a tech goes out they go out with just a little bit more than what the manifest .

so some techs will not do your lawn if you walk up on them unless you have a small law. Also we get customers on legacy route complaining about no service when they didnt sign up for round 1.

Its not fair to people that paid for round 1 to be skip because you start with 2 and want service right away. sometimes as a tech I dont know whos the bigger pain management being d bags or the few *** customers.


All I can hear is excuses and new reasons that trugreen can't take care of customers the way they did 15 years ago. They've gotten too big for their britches, and instead of paying employees better and growing the business, they threaten jobs, force improper work by setting ridiculous employee goals, pay low wages, and keep any money they can in house so that the bottom line looks good to corporate and the shareholders.

Servicemaster owns trugreen and they are a huge part in all of this whether they claim responsibility or not. Stay away and spread the word!


Here is what is going on with TruGreen customers. All new customers sold since Jan 1, 2012 fall under TruGreen's new HLP (Healthy Lawn Program).

The 2012 HLP customers are sold a standard program of 5 regular feed & weeds program along with 1 insecticide treatment for grubs, etc.

All customers that started with TruGreen before 2012 fall into the category known as "Legacy" customers, and will continue to recieve whatever applications that they got in 2011. H.L.P. customers and Legacy customers are being serviced with different products, which means 2 different Specialists working out of 2 separate trucks in the same neighborhood.

As far as the author's complaint in Miwaukee, aparently they didn't have a Specialist servicing the Legacy customers in the Route where you live.

This is why the new 2012 HLP customers were getting serviced and you were not. TruGreen's intention is to phase all old (pre-2012) Legacy customers over to the Healthy Lawncare Program over the next couple of years.

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