I had a contract with Trugreen to service my lawn. Approximately $700.00.

During the service period in 2020, I put down $1659.00 of new sod in the backyard and a part of my front yard. As of this writing at least 50% of the backyard is either dead or dying, weeds are everywhere and what I call weed grass is taking over the backyard. I have averaged $100.00 water bills above our normal water use of $50.00 to maintain the grass. Trugreen's lawn plan was to fertilize, apply weed killing chemicals and aerate the lawn.

This project has turned into a major $3000.00 mistake. The first 6 images are some of the bad areas in the backyard. The last 4 images are of the front yard part I completed. Notice the difference, the last 4 images show how the lawn should look.

This area was not touched by Trugreen all that green has been due to only watering by me. The mess in the backyard is the result of Trugreen. The service tech only spent about 10 minutes to treat approximately, 7000 square feet of yard.

I have cameras all around the house and I saw the tech not treat the entire yard space. This is why he could treat the yard in 10 minutes or less.

User's recommendation: Trugreen is a bad company. Never use Trugreen Lawn service.

Location: Palm Bay, Florida

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