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I was having them treat my lawn for fire ants. They treated it once which partially killed some nests.

On the second treatment they had some herbicide in the bucket and it killed a large portion of my grass. I have 5 acres with significant damage. The charge for killing all the ants was $1600. I paid them $200 and told them to stop further treatments.

Nonetheless, they kept calling me demanding payment. I sent pictures of the damage, and said they should be paying me for putting wide bloches in my yard. The letter was sent to their legal department in Memphis, TN. They responded by basically giving me the finger and demanding payment.


Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Lawn Service.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Crown Point, Indiana, United States #944895

Doesn't look anywhere like five acres of damage to me. That would be over 215,000 square feet and would take over three gallons of herbicide if not more to kill that much lawn.

Unless it was glyphosate. Then it would have taken more.

Florida, United States #860139

I understand... All of the TruGreen Employees are told to spray lawns regardless if the customer wants to cancel or not.

This information and customer's demands are on the notes on their handhelds for the day. Regardless, technicians are told that it is up to management not to add them to their schedule for the day. Meaning, technicians have to spray YOUR LAWN no matter what you say to keep their jobs. FYI...

there is even a incentive to make sure you do not skip a yard on your schedule for the week. You get to have a special lunch with a manager or you get a bonus at the end of the month.

I have even seen people getting billed crazy prices!!! BTW if you pay 49.99 a month for over 6000 sq-ft than you are doing something extra special.

and for all of those customers paying more.... Maybe you are not ;) And I have even seen customers getting charged over $$$ for yards smaller than 2000 sq-ft.... Makes no sense does it?! BTW these people (customers) get the same spray from the same hose!

They only give them one tank of the day! You get two choices pull the trigger full or half way. LOL But the spray unites to make the same ingredients. No one is getting anything special.

If you want to know if they are doing their job... If the man puts on a back pack and really goes after your weeds or if the man uses a dry spreader (that is a pushed and walked spreading tiny granules on to your lawn). The rest is chemicals and if it smells bad it means you have the first spray of the day and it was left over and no good. Or they have a bad mixture!

Smells like ammonia and an empty wallet because now you have to be prepared to have to pay for new sod.

Don't be mad at technicians... LOL What a crock of ^$%@

The technicians know not to spray if the chemicals are bad. They know how to not burn your lawn and over spraying will.

They know how to get the company to lose customers by not spraying and just putting a work order on the door. The thing is... Don't hate your NEW technician! One maybe better than the rest.

If you know of a happy customer (a friend or family member who suckered you into buying the service) request their technician to treat your lawn because it is evident that your technician is a loser. And all other technicians make up for the losers of the company (I promise you that)!

So if you want good service... Watch your technician.

If you want to cancel...

Hire a lawyer! Good Luck!

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