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I witnessed a Tru Green employee, Dan Buck, drive a large aerating-type machine along my sidewalk. As the machine was too wide to fit, it was crushing the landscaping bricks, which were set on-pointe along the sidewalk.

I spoke with the two other employees on site, who confirmed that they saw him breaking the bricks, and heard the popping sounds as they were breaking.

Dan again past me and I called his attention to the damage, he apologized and said that he intended to speak to me about it, and was meeting with his boss, Allen, tomorrow and that one of them would be in touch with me soon. He took my address, phone number, and photos of the broken bricks, which we counted together. The total was 10. He said, “I will definitely fix them for you.”

They were his last words to me.

Not hearing from him, I called six times over the next month, was passed to several departments, and given several different numbers to call, always repeating the story and given the assurance that someone would definitely call me back.

No one ever did until I threatened to report it to the BBB. Then the manager called within an hour to state that they have no responsibility for any damage and that an unidentified neighbor had said that Dan didn’t break any bricks.

The neighbors for whom Tru Green was working deny exonerating the landscaper, as they were not even home at the time.

I tried to file a formal complaint against them with the BBB, but they are unwilling to accept any complaints against those who have paid for a good rating.

Product or Service Mentioned: Trugreen Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Forget all about the BBB ; they can and will do nothing. They are not the Commerce Police and have no legal representative authority.

That is an urban legend which really needs to be debunked.

They'll take a report, period. It's a private company run for their own benefit.

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