TruGreen's accreditation in the BBB [Better Business Bureau] was REVOKED by the BBB's Board of Directors due to TruGreen's failure to eliminate the underlying causes of complaints on file with the BBB, and failure to maintain the required minimum BBB rating. TruGreen has a pattern of complaints alleging service issues, billing issues, and customer service issues.

Specifically, complaints allege work performed is inadequate and does not produce the intended or expected results, or services are performed that are not authorized or agreed to by the customer. Complaints also allege difficulty or inability to resolve billing disputes for inadequate or unauthorized services, and that the company continues to treat lawns and bill for services after the customer has cancelled the service. Other complaints allege that the company continues to solicit consumers for services after requests to discontinue the service have been made, or that the company continues to make collection calls for disputed services. TruGreen has failed to resolve underlying causes(s) of a pattern of complaints.

Therefore the BBB Accreditation was REVOKED because TruGreen failed to honor its accreditation agreement with the BBB.The BBB met with the management of The TruGreen Companies to address the patterns of complaints and find a means to eliminate those patterns; however, the company has failed to eliminate the underlying cause of the complaints on file with the BBB. The top three types of customer complaints filed against TruGreen are: 1) Problems with Product/Service, 2) Billing/Collection Issues, 3) Advertising/Sales Issues.

The TruGreen Company has provided the BBB with the direct phone numbers and email that consumers should call prior to filing a complaint with the BBB. The BBB suggests that consumers first contact TruGreen's National Customer Care Management Team at 901-597-5687 or 901-597-1964 or email at customercare@trugreenmail.com to discuss any concerns, and allow them the opportunity to resolve the matter before filing a complaint with the BBB.(Note that the BBB rating for TruGreen franchises may vary.)

Review about: Trugreen Lawn Fertilization Service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Check out TruGreed's "Customer Review Ratings" on the bbb.org website and you will see that the reviews about TruGreed are running at 97% negative, 2% neutral, and 1% positive. The complaints are running much higher than the compliments that's for sure!!


True green treated my lawn for a service I didn't order and billed me for it saying I did order it. They are the worst to deal with. Would never let them treat my lawn it looks terrible after I let them treat it for 1 year only


To fix any customer complaints with TruGreen you can also contact their Corp VP of Customer Retention at 901.597.1453 or TruGreen's HeadQuarters of "Process Improvement" at 901.597.1257


You can also call TruGreen's Corporate Headquarters directly at (901)681-1800 or (901)597-3261. Or Email TG Corp at TGCommunications@trugreenmail.com


Here is how TruGreen fell below our expectations and left us very dissatisfied. 1.

They call ahead with a date that they will be here, and then don't show up. 2. They never knock when they do finally show up. Their communication sucks.

3. They don't kill the weeds, but they do damage the grass!

We're done with TruGreen. WE CANCELLED!!!


The BBB's revoking of Trugreen's accreditation is an example of "the pot calling the kettle black"!

Noblesville, Indiana, United States #620046

Most TruGreen Offices are currently accredited by the BBB. While some local offices may not be, the company as a whole has an excellent rating.

to Anonymous Nashville, Tennessee, United States #620521

Speaking as a former CSR in a TG branch in Nashville, TN I know for a fact that branch got a failing grade from the BBB. The BBB ratings seen to vary from branch to branch.

to Anonymous Cortland, New York, United States #625081

TruGreen as a whole may have an excellent rating with the BBB, (Only because they PAID for it.) Yet the fact remains that the BBB ratings vary from branch to branch. I researched them, and I know for a fact that the Syracuse, NY TruGreen branch near me had their BBB accreditation revoked for a Rating of D+.

This was after a high number of customer complaints were filed with the BBB. Most of these complaints went unresolved. The complaints in order concerned: 1] Service Issues, 2] Customer Phone Resolution Issues, 3] Billing or Collection Issues, 4] Sales Issues, 5] Contract Issues, 6] Delivery Issues, 7] Advertising Issues.

How bad does TruGreen's services suck? Just check out their own Facebook wall!

Read all of the customers complaints, and view all the photos posted of the lawns they have damaged!!!

Then check out www.consumeraffairs.com for even more complaints about TruGreen!!!! When your done with your own research, then write back an tell us all how "excellent" TruGreen is!!!!!!!!!

to Anonymous Saint Cloud, Florida, United States #627211

I know for a fact that TruGreen's office in Orlando, Fla has a BBB Rating of C- and is NOT accredited! After 5 months, I've got MORE weeds and dead spots!

Absolutely no customer service.

TruGreen does not honor their own guarantee, and refuses to issue a refund. Nothing but excuses, lies and sales scams!!!

to Anonymous #627862

An "excellent" rating from the BBB. That's only because TruGreen PAID for that rating! :grin :grin :p :roll :roll

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