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Jan 25, 2012
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To start off with, I was an employee of TruGreen for roughly 5 years. I have extensive knowledge of how the company does business.

Now, before any of you decided to hire TruGreen to do your lawn care for you, consider this... from the beginning.

-The sales rep that you are contacting, works for $10 an hour with a rotten commission structure. Of all the years I worked there, they are pushed to work 9AM- 9PM and 9AM-5PM on Saturday, no overtime. They are reamed out by a rotten sales manager that makes his bonus off of their sales, so... he makes sure to have one sales "rep" stay in charge on saturdays or late night so he can skip out, but will MAKE the reps stay there, just so he hits his bonus. They are treated rotten, and do not have the tools to do their job. Not to say they aren't Slimy (some are of course) but think of that when your talking to them.

-The specific location I worked at (in Western MI) needs some serious restructuring. The so called "Office Manager" Hires all of her friends to work in the front office, and allows them to go smoke marijuana and *** for an hour or two, while the lower paying, harder working office people are left to fend for themselves (taking calls for billing, retention, and complaints). She yells at her employees, has absolutely no sense of judgement and will literally tell her employees (who YOU'RE talking to when you "try" and cancel) that they can tell you whatever they want to, we'll make it happen, which by NO MEANS actually does. Just for an example of her incompetency... the people that used the specific TruGreen I am talking about, had issues with their payments not getting posted in three or more weeks.

*** ***This was because your CREDIT CARD and CHECKING information were sitting in a pile of 300+ on a file cabinet in her office, door wide open to 50+ employees for weeks, because she couldn't "FIND" time to post them....."********

- The "easy pay or pre-pay ONLY" option they say you MUST sign up for when they call you back to "verify" your service... yea, dont let that fool you, you DO NOT, repeat, DO NOT NEED to sign up and they will let you send a check if you tell them you will not sign up unless they allow you to mail it. That's just because the auditor your talking to on the phone gets a bonus of $1.00 per payment to collect that, therefore, He'll be SURE to tell you that's the ONLY way to pay.

AND THE BEST PART... ** AUTO RENEW ** they will ALWAYS come to your house the next season if you do not specifically CALL and cancel. BUT, they do NOT report to a credit agency, and they will NOT make you pay for it. If you refuse, they tell the employees to try and get you to pay half, and they will "Work with you". WRONG! If you refuse, the company policy is they credit you.

The technicians are forced to work 50-60 hours a week, and they get paid chinese overtime, they have one day to do 20 lawns that are way underpriced, and they dont allow them the time to do a great job, because if they do, they literally average about $7.50 an hour without bonus, and bonus only comes when they do more lawns. The techs feel bad about it, but they have to make a living to feed their families.

Sorry this was a novel, there is plenty more, but I figured I would give the small amount of people that read this a chance to know how the inside workings of this company are.

I recommend AAA Lawncare 100%, and used them for 4 out of 5 years that I worked at TruGreen.

Hope this helped!

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Robert Aasund

Nov 16, 2013 Savannah, Georgia

TruGreen as a whole may not be that bad. But its the company's individual Branches that are doing unethical activities, giving them a bad name and reputation. As a former outdoor Sales Rep for TruGreen, I was required to give customers my personal cell phone number, so that they would not call the Branch because: 1) The new customers are my responsibility, (even though I will never see them again.) Yet the Service Techs do. And 2) The branch says that they're "too busy" to take calls. Even though on average there are 3 people sitting in the office daily. I would then tell my Sales Manager and the Service Managers about the complaints and Service Calls. And 9 times out of 10 they would "blow it off". So customers would continue to call my PERSONAL cell phone at all hours of the day and night essentially asking me "wtf" is going on with your company?! Then most would cancel their Service Agreement because of poor customer communication and relations. Some of the customers have called the 1-800 number and just get a recording and no response. Some have been able to talk to someone, which is very rare. In less that 4 months, of the 4 Sales Reps that we had, we collectively signed up over 500 new customers in the spring season. (This does not include the over 3000 current customers that the Branch has.) But the Service Techs could not keep up. Yet the Branch, (due to pressure from the Regional Manager), wants even more new customers. More focus is put on adding on... Show more

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a former employee

Oct 03, 2013

For all the trugreen haters please realize this is a for profit company and for the ex-employees that have a problem with the way this company is ran you also need to realize this is a for profit company--I no longer work for trugreen but with that being said it was my own choice and it wasnt becuase they were a shady company. AAA lawn care or anybody else knows that you have to have upsell campaigns to be succesful in this industry--without them you cant keep customers happy--also know that for every 1 pissed consumer they have 100 satisfied customers and its not because of the marketing they do its because more often than not they provide the results customers look for.--All employees know exactly how much they are going to get paid when they are hired and if you dont then shame on you. Trugreen offers some of the best benefits and pay programs to their employees--but they do make you work for it. Furthermore if you go above and beyond their expectations the give some really great bonuses and certainly know how to reward people. On the opposite side of things if you are not good at your job instead of firing you they will coach you until one of two things happen-1. you actually listen to your mentor and get better at your job or 2. you think your way is better and eventually quit or get fired. and for the person that posted this--is there a reason as to why you wouldnt just take care of your own lawn? If you dont know how you shouldnt be working with a lawn care co anyway.

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TruGreen Twinkie

Feb 25, 2013

You said a mouthful here "Rainydays1986". I quit working for that shady scam company after 3 years of working in a Branch office. I just couldn't take it anymore. The way we were conditioned to lie and rip-off our customers just broke my spirit! Because of this company's fraudulent ways, I had to get out to keep my self-respect intact! The big TruGreen scam in the front office was what we did to our "Cred Bal" customers towards the end of the season. You see, some customers would have a "Credit Balance" status on their account because they over-paid. Over-payments by customers usually occurred by accident. And as such, most customers were not aware that they had extra money on account because of their unintended overpayment. Customers could also accrue a Credit Balance status if they pre-paid, and then later on skipped or cancelled some applications(s). In this situation, the proper company procedure was to notify customers of the overpayment/excess money on account and issue a refund for the same. Instead, an act of fraud would actually be committed when, (usually in late summer or fall), TruGreen would pad the customer's account by adding on extra services, that would be covered by the extra money that was on their account. And the customer would not be the wiser most of the time. Worse yet, if TruGreen was overloaded with work, behind budget, or short staffed, management would add "ghost" (nothing) applications to Credit Balance accounts. This ghost app would innocuously... Show more

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Oct 06, 2013

you are a retard. This does not happen at this company. If a customer over pays then the overpayment rolls over year to year. All trugreen employees are ways to busy to even care about overpayments. There are way too many other important things to worry about.

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Feb 12, 2013

I work for TruGreen and all these complaints are 100% on. If a customer cancels, and they have a gate, they better LOCK IT! TruGreen can't charge you if the back doesn't get done. (Not that they still won't try!) Just don't blame the Tech that does the lawn, as he is basically forced to do the job. Some Techs are *** and they will do the lawn, (or just part of it), without knocking on the door. Knocking is company policy. Anytime a customer cancels the Tech is the one that gets blamed. Even of the customer has moved or died, the Tech gets negative points on the NPS, (Net Promoters Score). I once went to a home for the first time, and the lady said she was going to sue me for coming to her house. She told me that she had already cancelled 3 times to 3 different people! I didn't know that she ever cancelled. In the end she apologized to me and said that she felt bad for me. I even had a gun pulled on me once for trespassing when a was going to do a lawn, and a dog sent at me! All of this because the company refuses to take NO for an answer. It's all about the management putting pressure on the Techs. We always have people quitting left and right. The stress of working in 100 degree days, doing 30 lawns a day. And customers complaining about how little amount of time the Tech spends on their lawn. TruGreen works us 12 hour days. Sometimes we will just do what the company says to hurry off to see our families that we hardly ever get to see. I would also like... Show more

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Hurricane Sandy at least ended

Jan 27, 2013 Middlesex, New Jersey

Buyers beware TruGreen is now using only call centers using google to give prices over the phone, no more dealing with local branches and must buy 5-6 apps only they do allow 1-2 apps but not 3-4, also charge you extra $50 start up Fee they dont even tell you about till you see your bill. Prepay or eazy pay only well you can be billed they just don't mention it, they want your money so you dont cancel.They also now selling attic insulation in some branches saying you a Free energy inspection, just a salesman walking around property like they know what they are doing with no license or degrees or equipment to test engery loses, they just want to sell you attice insulation, not sure what that has to do with lawns, There motto is "We do everything to honor God",a shame really

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TrruGreen Tornado

Feb 03, 2013

I'm sure that in spite of the hurricane damage in NJ, NY, CT and others. The "TruGone" salesmen are still pressured to sell these areas. Like these people don't have bigger issues to deal with this season than a green, weeds free lawn! And yes they're actually "measuring" lawns only by looking at Google Earth. The $50 dollar new customer "Start Up" fee is an undisclosed/hidden sur-charge. Our Region Manager explained it to us this way. It costs money each time a new customer is put on, and that $50 initiation charge offsets that expense. Plus these new customers are essentially buying a "membership" (like Direct Buy) into TruGreen. So, with that added financial commitment, customers are less likely to cancel. (At least in theory.) :roll Our Marketing Manager added his 2¢. He told the Salesmen that the $50 Start-Up charge increases TruGreen's "gross margin", by widening the gap between revenue & cost. Might as well change the company motto to "Honor MONEY in all we do!"

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Yellowgirl 29

Aug 03, 2013 Houston, Texas

Amazing its all true! I work there now and I looking for another job we all are its so unreal I dont understand how there still in business....

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Jan 11, 2013

I worked for TruGreen for 7 years. I stuck it out that long expecting things to improve, until I got sick & tired of being lied to. TruGreen could not care less about the chemical contamination of our communities. Branch management had me out on properties 10 times a year, sometimes applying pesticides in the pouring rain, (light good, heavy NOT!) And spraying trees & shrubs in 40mph winds, (over 15mph is wrong). Work days were never called off due to bad weather. Local TruGreen management only cares about using & abusing employees, and making a huge profit to get their bonuses. Greed is their way! Likewise, there are a lot of customers that are not thrilled with their service. Just read through these comments, and you will see that my opinion of this company is a very common one. Right now public opinion is definitely not in favor of TruGreen. Corporate thought that they would simply fix the company's tattered image by dropping the ChemLawn name and re-branding the trucks with a new logo. Upper management may have good intentions, but they are going to have to do things differently, if they want TruGreen to do better!

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Lionel McDowell

Jan 05, 2013 Abilene, Texas

I worked for TruGreen. Even though the pay was good, I quit and I also let them know that they are crooked! For example; their policy is "No customer is allow to cancel!". So, if I wrote up a cancel, they would refuse to load it into the computer. The problem here, is that I went to several "customers" homes who were very pissed that I even showed up there, because thay said they told Trugreen to cancel several times! I could go on for a while on all the short-changes that they expect of their employees. What took the cake was that in sales training, (all employees are required to sell), we were told to sell a 8 or 9 step [treatment] program, which included a free winterizer. When we asked what product was used for winterizing, managers said to use anything. "We just say that, to make it sound good, as that's what customers want to hear!" Important note: The inside training that I received on paper was very good, However, the actual field training out on the truck was crooked! It was all about walking very fast with the spreader output set very low. They do *** poor work! With the training on paper we use a calibration (gap) gauge for the spreader. In actual field training, no such thing....just guess. I got a gauge, but was never told what number setting to go by. TruGreen has questionable billing practices too. This was at the Midland, TX office.

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Whistle Blower

Aug 25, 2012

The central problem with TruGreen is that it is a bloated corporation which lacks local control at the local Branch level. Some of the Managers at the individual Branches do have good intentions, but their hands are tied. Field Specialists/Technicians have been told that they have a weekly sales quota of $300. And a daily production number of $1500. We were also told in the beginning of the season that our pro-number would be re-adjusted every 3 weeks. Yet it has been kept at $1500 all season. Then in August our daily hours got cut down to a maximum of 11 hours; NO EXCEPTIONS. Now that we are getting paid hourly, we are just magically supposed to do more stops is shorter work days/weeks. And we were also told that we each now have to get 1 lead a week for our new attic insulation service. There is no way that the guys can knock on each and every customer's door, and still meet all these sales & service requirements within an 11 hour day! The Techs are all flying across yards, taking short-cuts big time! And many still are not getting all their daily stops done! And management wonders why our customer NPS [Net Promotors Score] is taking a nose-dive!
This whole company is a giant ""house of cards"" that is run on lies and deceit. Many employees go to work there hating their jobs. But this economy gives few options. Techs are constantly stressed, taking their frustrations out on customer's lawns, (for not hitting their quotas, etc.), and cutting corners.
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Aug 05, 2012

OK....So at our Branch during the month of July, a total of 5 Field Specialists (3 lawn & 2 tree+shrub) were laid-off for the entire month due to lack of work. This is the first time that this many Techs have been laid-off for an emtire month during the middle of the summer. All because there wasn't enough work to keep 5 employees working!
Then on Aug 1 our Branch gets a "surprise" visit from TruGreen's Division HR Rep and the NEW Region VP. (The old Region Mgr quit 2 months ago.) Turns out that the reason for their unannounced visit was to fire both the Branch General Manager and the Marketing Manager. Word has it that they were both fired for allowing "'bad sales"' to be put through. A mentality of "Do whatever it takes to put sales up on the Board!" In reality, they were just following TruGreen's unspoken "policy" of putting profit berfore service. As for the now terminated Gen'l Mgr (Jon Skibo) goes. He was an arrogant, smug, 2-faced s.o.b. that would lose his temper, and would bully other managers and employees if the didn't follow his "rules" to perform, sell and produce! Karma is a bit**ch "Evil Scuba". Have fun living on unemployment!!

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Dec 19, 2012

Actually, the real reason he was terminated was not for putting through bad sales, it was for using a non approved code for some of his employees. He did this so he could hide them on the books and keep them employeed rather than fire them.

Arrogant? Yes he is. Bad temper? Lord yes. However, he always did the best he could for his employees while trying to operate in the ever increasing stupidity that the bug guys brought with them.

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Dec 19, 2012

Well, the bug boys are all gone, as I understand it. What's the next devious TruGreed plan for 2013?

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Feb 16, 2013 Lapeer, Michigan

Just for clarification and to get the entire story out there. Jon Skibo, who WAS the General/Branch Mgr of the Flint, MI branch was fired in Aug 2012. What actually happened was that after July 4 Jon was told by the TG Region VP to lay-off 10 Field Specialists because we were past the "busy season" and running low on work to produce. Instead, Skibo played his usual managerial Shell Game that he would jokingly call "hide the weenie". (Jon was a Master in his own right of playing fast-and-loose with the numbers, including "banking".) Instead of doing the 10 employee lay-offs as he was told, Skibo only laid-off 4 Techs and kept on and "reclassified" the other 6 Techs as Outside Salesmen being paid hourly. (Yet they were still doing their regular jobs!) One of the REAL salesmen called upper management to complain about this new set-up. A few weeks later we got a new Region VP that made a visit to the Branch to check up on things. Skibo attempted to defend himself and his actions by pointing out that his branch was the only one in the Region that was hitting/exceeding their numbers. The new Region VP didn't care, because Skibo had defied a Region directive, and was violating TruGreen policy. [Standard practice for Skibo!] So the TG Region VP fired Jon right then and there. The Branch Marketing Manager was also part of Skibo's "shell game" and got fired too. As for the so called "bug boys". They were all the upper managers in Terminix that were brought over by SVM to fix... Show more

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D. Bak

Oct 26, 2013 Goodrich, Michigan

Yeah, I was working there, and was an eyewitness that fateful day that Jon "Cookin Books" Skibo was fired and escorted off the property. He was running the Flint, Mich branch like it was his own personal company that he could do whatever he please. One of the things that he did was ignore a Corporate order of NO "Gross Pay Adjustments"! Which is exactly what he did. Pay checks were just as FAT as he was. Guys would make $1000 in sales and get $500 in commission pay out. As far as Skibo's personality goes, he reminds me of John Taffer on Spike TV's show "Bar Rescue". A nice engaging guy one moment. And then swearing and bullying later on. Needless to say, the day that Skibo was fired was a very humbling moment for him. He was all red-faced and sobbing like a teenager expelled from school. They took his company pickup away, and gave him a ride home in a Metro Car (Lincoln taxi.) Fast forward to 2013. Jon Skibo got a job with Natural Way Lawn as a Sales Manager. (His first 3 years with TruGreen was in sales.) So after only a few months with Natural way, they fired him for pulling the same sketchy numbers ***. Plus he was also violating a provision of TruGreen's "Non-Compete Agreement" by soliciting and stealing TruGreen's active customers for Natural Way. This made the owners of Natural Way nervous that they were going to be sued by TruGreen! Skibo's last sleazy act was that after he was fired, he quickly downloaded Natural Way's entire customer list onto a... Show more

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B.J Dat Barber you know me

Jun 15, 2012

I worked at the upper Marlboro branch. Managers put too much pressure on the technicians which lead to cutting corners.
Branch manager Bill and tony were fired, rumor has it they were stealing and doing white girl.

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Oct 06, 2013

Just so you know "white girl" is an urban slang term for cocaine, (i.e. coke or blow).

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Trugreen Sales

May 31, 2012

Absolutely true, and if you take a look at the company just a few short months later in June, it's even worse. Unrealistic sales expectations to a veteran sales force that no longer gets paid commissions. For example, there is the bogus 20% draw commission structure that rests on the backs of production. The topper is there's absolutely no way to follow my own sales vs. what's been produced and paid, as Trugreen's "Callidus Portal" has been undergoing maintenance since its inception. Trugreen also manages their two programs (Legacy for pre-existing, and HLP for all new customers) in such a way as to ensure the sales staff makes no commission by closing out the Legacy rounds at the end of the month to ensure new sales that must be produced and paid for commissions hit into the following month.

Another thing, why do I have a five month pay period against my draw when they only count four weeks of production?

This place is an absolute joke. As if the employee didn't get pounded hard enough, the customers stand even less chance against this marketing giant. My branch manager just told me just this week we will not be treating new sales with postemergents for crabgrass, so don't even bother making the promise. His words were we will only be fertilizing and strengthening up the root system because the postemergents are too expensive to use on anyone's lawn that did not receive preemergents, and that it's not what new customers are paying
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