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Im having a problem cancelling my Tru green service, still getting billed after my last service was in April, they just called me for a payment, which I made since I was having issues with my card that I paid with. Then I asked her to explain why I was making another payment and she had no idea why I was making a payment and kept telling me for April payment then March payment... Then February payment. I mean what the *** is going on with this... Read more

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Customer service is horrible. WATCH YOUR BILLS CLOSELY, they say your price is one thing then they change it two months later, or I have found they have over taxed my bill too.. i love the service but the accounting and customer service is horrible.

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I don't often write reviews but we have about a dozen complaints about this company. #1) We have cancelled this service multiple times with the specific request that they never set foot on our property again. They came again yesterday, serviced the house and left an invoice. #2) The reason we asked them to never come back was a) They first got the address wrong and did an entire service on a neighbors house. b) They quoted work and then when... Read more

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They don't come when they say they will so I am cancelling their service today. I have had to call them twice. Additionally, I paid the full amount (over $500) in ADVANCE! They told me they would issue a full credit. This company also has many negative reviews online which I should have read before I contracted them. I do not recommend using this company. I do not believe I should have to make repeated calls for a service paid for in... Read more

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I noticed weeds around my house, called for a free follow up spray. Later that night I get a call from tru green saying that the *** was not going to die. Stating that there was nothing they could do for it. I called to cancel the next day, and they offer me 25 percent off the rest of the year. I said I have been paying for two years and I have a *** issue, really I don't want you back Read more

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I don't have anything new to add; another TrueGreen horror story. TruGreen Tech shows up, spends maybe 3 or 4 mins and covers 25% of my lawn. It takes him more time to generate the receipt than does applying the treatment. I asked one of the techs if they are paid by the hour or by the job, he said "by the job." That explains everything. The treatments do more bad than good and they are expensive. I've had the techs apply treatments in the... Read more

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I was home when they came to service my lawn. I watched this man apply the product wjth no set pattern just walking around not covering the entire property. He then leaves the work order hanging on my door. When I find it it states that he applied 47.47 pounds of product which was an ABSOLUTE LIE!!! I watched this man he was here maybe 3-5 minutes had this little hand spreader which could only hold maybe 5 pounds of product he never filled it... Read more

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Was never told when I prepaid for a round of treatments that the service would continue after my prepaid visits were up. After seeing absolutely no improvement to my yard and talking to them at least twice about issues (weeds never controlled, fungus growing in my side yard) I decided not to prepay for another cycle. But they continued to send someone to my house and then bill me for it. When I called about it after I got the first bill I... Read more

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Last year I hired True Green to take care of my new lawn, by the time they got to my house to get the job done, the weeds had taken over the 5000 sq ft area that was new grass (most of my back yard). It's now taken an extra year to repair this, and now after winter, in a different calendar year, they came back and sprayed, not calling me to get permission for another season, like I expected. Unknown to me, their contract does not end at the end... Read more

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I recently had my last and final service from trugreen, they are dishonest and are not true to their word as a company. I recently watched the lawn care rep treat my yard and not only did he not completely cover the yard he went in a circle that has left a dark green line where he used the spreader in the yard so I have uneven green throughout my property. I have made repeated attempts to speak to a service manager but no one has called me back.... Read more

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